Grabados Múgica: commitment to quality since #1940

Grabados Múgica is a family business founded in 1940 specialising in industrial engraving. Its products are used in business sectors as diverse as the food sector, the automotive industry, and security, etc.

It has its origins in the craftsmanship of engraving of distinction and quality which, as time and generations moved on and, thanks to its owners ‘ preoccupation with constant improvement in technology and quality of service, has continuously modernised until it developed into a business which for decades has been an outstanding example in the field of industrial engraving and leader in the manufacture of products for the food industry.


European pioneer when computerisation was introduced into the production process.

We design and build our own CNC machinery.

Together with technical innovation as a key factor and driving force for growth, our commitment to total quality, competitiveness, internal efficiency and rigour in management performance are the hallmarks of our business. We are pro-active in promoting the ideas of continuous improvement in all areas of our business activity.

In addition, both our business model and our competitive strategy are based on being leaders in service to our customers who are at the heart of our company’s policies, our aim being to meet all their requirements. With this aim in view, we undertake all our activities with Customer satisfaction as key to our business.