Food Sector

Thanks to over 50 years of experience, our technological innovation, and our preoccupation with quality of both product and customer service, Grabados Múgica is a leader in the manufacture of rollers for making biscuits, marzipan, wafers, etc.


Notable amongst our wide range of products are:

  • Rollers with interchangeable rings in a variety of materials adapted both to the final product and its composition: offers flexibility and economy.
    • Cutters
    • Markers
    • Moulders
  • Individual moulds and rings: facilitating product testing.
  • Depositors
  • Fillers
  • Alternating dies
  • Wafer plates
  • Bespoke machinery

Designs, manufacture of prototypes, testing, construction of roller cutters, markers, moulders etc. from materials adapted both for the type of dough and the design of the biscuit.